Pacifica School Volunteers is grateful for the support we have from teachers working with volunteers. The main role of the volunteer is to support your work as a teacher by helping students with classroom work, or other classroom activities. Each volunteer likes to feel they are making a difference in the life of a child.

We have found the following tips help create a positive relationship with the volunteer, and makes the experience more rewarding for the teacher, volunteers and the children.

When your volunteer begins, here is a helpful list to review:

  • Days and times to work in classroom
  • Name the students should use for the volunteer (Mr., Ms., first name)
  • Place where volunteer can leave personal belongings
  • Designation of work area
  • Classroom duties for the volunteer
  • Procedures for taking students out of the classroom for individual work if necessary
  • How the teacher will tell the volunteer or the dayís assignment (note, folder, other means)
  • How teacher and volunteer will keep in touch (brief weekly meeting, telephone, email)
  • Teacherís classroom rules and policies (class management techniques, reinforcement techniques preferred). Volunteers can remind students of rules, but they are not responsible for discipline.

It is also important to discuss with the volunteer the procedures to follow if he or she will be late or absent. Please ask the volunteer how to reach them in the event your class will not be available on their assigned day (for example, if you go on a field trip).

Thanks for all your dedication and hard work!