Weekly volunteers:
Volunteers work with children one-on-one or in small groups, helping them with reading, math or other classroom activities.We provide an orientation for all new volunteers, as well as Literacy Training and Math Training for volunteers who choose to help in these subjects.

Art, Music and Physical Education Volunteers: Art, music and drama volunteers in classrooms enrich the education of children who do not have much exposure to the arts. This can be a one time visit, or a series of visits.  Classrooms also need volunteers to lead Physical Education classes.

Speakerís Bureau:   Teachers request speakers to talk to their classrooms on special topics relating to their curriculum. For example, a doctor has talked about anatomy, a historian talked about the Civil War, and someone from the garden club talked about plants. Call us for a list of topics and come share your expertise with students.

Read Aloud Volunteers:  In celebration of books and literacy, we hold Read Aloud Days in which community members visit classrooms and share a favorite story or book with children.  Volunteers are needed to participate in Read Aloud Days, which are held in March at two schools in Pacifica.

Oceana High School Senior Exhibition  In collaboration with the Pacifica Chamber of Commerce, we recruit volunteers to assist in evaluating senior high school projects.This project involves reading the studentís research paper, attending their oral presentation and assisting the teacher in evaluating the project.


Summer School Volunteers: Volunteers are needed in June and July to help in Summer School. These volunteers are especially critical, as the children in summer school are performing below grade level and struggling in school.

To make the experience as rewarding as possible, we make every effort to accommodate preferences you have, such as the age of the children you will be helping, or subject areas you prefer. If you have other ideas for volunteering, weíll be happy to discuss them.

Call (650) 355-9432 for more information. We look forward to hearing you!